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Doctor Impossible grew up with the name Jonathan in a good home environment and received an invitation to the Peterson School of Math and Science when it was discovered he was a genius. During a science demonstration to harness his personal discovery – a near-limitless dimensional source called Zeta – Jonathan accidentally fired the Zeta Ray into the audience, creating his future nemesis, Corefire. In a repeated experiment to use the energy (this time in liquid form) Jonathan miscalculated once more; the ensuing explosion of technology and Zeta energy transformed him into the man who would become Doctor Impossible.

For a few years after the accident he wandered many places but ended up in unlicensed hero fights in Bangkok where he would meet his sometime partner in crime, Pharaoh (II). After his stint in the fights, Doctor Impossible continued to work in the East as a bodyguard for a Hong Kong drug lord until a group of competitors overran their base, then the Doctor took a briefcase stuffed with three million dollars (the first of his funding for a criminal career) and headed back to America.

He used the name Doctor Impossible on his first big-profile crime job in the US, where he robbed a bank in broad daylight and announced his genius to the security cameras after fighting off a superhero – and so Doctor Impossible’s long, illustrious career began.

Superhuman Powers

Superhuman Intelligence

Doctor Impossible was already a genius, but the explosion that gave him his powers further augmented his intelligence to superhuman levels; he has an IQ of over 300 and ranks high in the top 18 smartest people in the world. He specializes in robotics and mathematics and has also been diagnosed with Malign Hypercognition Disorder - Mad Scientist's Disorder.

Superhuman resistance to damage

The accident that turned Jonathan into Doctor Impossible not only numbed his skin to a lot of feeling and temperature changes; it also gave him a superhuman level of resistance to injury - he can withstand more physical damage than any normal human. His skin is effectively bulletproof and although small caliber firearms can't penetrate it, they do leave a bruise.

Superhuman Strength

Although Doctor Impossible is not in the 'city wrecker' class of superhuman strength, he is still far stronger than a human being; by his own admission, he is strong enough to tear an ATM machine out of a wall or overturn a semi given enough time.

Superhuman Speed and reaction time

The accident that created Doctor Impossible accelerated his nerve pathways, giving him greater speed and reaction time than a regular human being.


As an inventor and scientist, Doctor Impossible has many gadgets and weapons including sonic grenades, various energy blasters, etc; one of his most useful inventions, though, is the Power Staff which is a zeta-powered weapon capable of a lot of functions. These include - but are not limited to - anti-gravity effects, sleeping gas, force field generation, concussive energy projections, hologram projection, pocket MRI, energy detection and providing an immunity to detection from technology.